Hello Stockholm!

Time to take a break! We welcome you to find your muesli moment with us in your mymuesli store in Sweden. Here you can taste and take our new, mouth-wathering confession mueslis with chocolate, fruit or whatever you like. Sweet strawberries, raspberries, tasty choco-crunchy and even more: Our limited Stockholm mueslis contain everything you need for a good start to your day – wheater your life is full of rain or sun.

About us

mymuesli went online in April 2007 and became the first company worldwide to offer a service for mixing your own muesli. If you want to find out more about us and why we make muesli, then check out our story and take some time to browse our muesli blog. Alternatively, you could hook up with us and over 100,000 other muesli lovers on Facebook. Read the full story ... 

One for every moment

Did you get a bit carried away last night? Had a bad day? Or do just need a lot of chocolate?  We have one muesli for every moment in your life. Even if you are happy because you just got divorced!


Mix your muesli

The mymuesli custom mixer is there to fulfil your muesli dreams. Inspired to create your own muesli? Ordering with us is simple and takes only a few minutes.

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Organic quality

Our ingredients are the most important part of our muesli and that's why we never compromise on their quality.

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