Upptäck våra coola erbjudanden till heta priser i vår sommarrea!


What you need to know about our Advent calendar:

When will my calendar arrive?

We send the advent calenders seperately from your other products starting from mid October.  We can not give you a specific delivery time but guarantee your delivery before 1st of December.

Can I order the calendar for a desired date?

Unfortunately this is not possible due to the high demand during christmas season. We will start shipping the advent calendar by mid October and promise to have it by you or the recipient in time for 1st of December.

Why is the muesli there but not my advent calendar?

The advent calendar is sent separately from your regular order. This so you can order your advent calendar in time but do not need to wait for you favourite muesli.

What is the surprise on the 24/12?

If we would let you know, it would not be a surprise anymore now would it. So of course we will also not let you know about it here. You just have to wait and see ...

How big is the advent calendar?

Our advent calendar has a square shape and each length is 40 cm, making the advent calender 40 x 40 x 40 cm. (By the way, it has the perfect size of a stool or a cat house, if you would want to use it after christmas as well.)

Until when can I order it to get the advent calendar in time?

You can order your advent calendar until midnight on the 26.11.2018. This way we can guarantee that your advent calendar is there on time for 1st of December.

For how long is the pre-order price valid? 

We have reserved a limited amount of the advent calendar to pre-order price. When this stock is sold out, the calendar will be offered to its normal price. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out in time!

Why is your calendar so expensive?

Quality is very important for us and this is also reflected in the price. Our advent calendar is compiled with great care and include our most popular organic products. You also find exclusive mymuesli2go varieties, specially produced for the advent calendar to give you some added value. The advent calendar is also packed by hand in our manufactory in Passau, but in the end you also receive 24x mymuesli2go including exclusive products.

Can the calendar be customized?

Unfortunately that is not possible, but you can send it with a personalized greeting card. For company orders we offer the opportunity to brand the advent calendar with a logo or a greeting sticker, perfect if you wish to give it as a present to your partners, customers or employees.

Which flavours are in the mymuesli2go calendar?

In the müsli calendar you will find 14 deluxe mymuesli 2go flavours, like our Christmas-Granola, Blueberry-Vanilla, Blackberry, Golden- or our new Mango-Coconut-Granola in practical portion sized cups. There are also 10 different popular flavours like our: Chocolate müsli, Berry-White-Choc, Bircher, Honey-Nuts, Super-Choc, Blueberry and Berry.

What is in the Deluxe-calendar?

 The best of all times: In our deluxe calendar 20 different kinds of müslis, porridges, bars and teas are hidden. You also will find breakfast accessories and luxurious breakfast gifts. You also get a special surprise on christmas day! 

And what is in the Porridge calender?

The Porridge Calendar includes 9 of our favorite flavours in practical 45g portion cups. Get heartwarming flavours like Classic, Banana-Chocolate, Poppy seed-Vanilla, Apple-Strawberry-Crisp, Raspberry-Coconut-Cherry, Plum-Apple-Cinnamon, Baked Apple, Vanilla Crescents Roasted Almonds-Cherry.